This game was made for Weekly Game Jam - Week 19 with the theme: ATTRACTION

You are far from home in space. You have to make several jumps to asteroid fields so that you can mine the asteroids for their HYPER FUEL.  The fuel is used to jump closer to home but also to sustain power. Obtain enough to both proceed and sustain your travel! 

Use your ATTRACTOR BEAM to collect the fuel quickly, but watch out! The asteroids will also be attracted.

You only have one chance. Good luck!

WAD - Forward movement and turning
S  - Break/Stop
SPACE - Shoot
Mouse Pointer -  Aim Attractor Beam
LMB - Activate Attractor Beam

RMB - HYPER JUMP! (Next level)

Made by:
Frost Aeon, Staco & Needless

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